Prevent Tooth Decay with Effective Cavity Fighters

The best way of avoiding tooth decay is to stay away from sweets and all other sugary stuff. You must brush your teeth properly and preferably twice daily. Do regular flossing to maintain perfect dental hygiene. Some, beverages and foods and even some lifestyle habits play a pivotal role in the prevention of cavities. Here are some effective cavity fighters that do immense good to your teeth, provided you brush and floss your teeth effectively every single day.

Eating Cheese Is Good for Your Teeth

Cheese is supposed to be a cavity fighter. Cheese contains casein, which is a protein featuring an effective property that is known to promote healthy teeth and assist in cavity prevention. Studies and research reveal that after consuming cheese there is a boost in the level of calcium in your mouth. This is effective in demineralising your teeth and preventing cavities from appearing. Consult a reliable dentist in Epping for cavity-free and healthy teeth.

Chewing Gum Prevents Cavities

If you wish to be cavity-free chew sugar-free chewing gum. Sugar-free chewing gum contains xylitol, which is supposed to be an effective but natural sugar substitute. It is considered to be a great cavity fighter and is very effective in preventing tooth decay. As per experts, xylitol is effective in preventing cavities because cavity-causing bacteria is not able to use it for growing and is not able to metabolize it for manufacturing acid. A chewing gum containing xylitol must be consumed thrice to five times every day. You must make sure that xylitol is right on top among the listed ingredients in order to know that the amount is just perfect and sufficient.

Sugar-free Xylitol Infused Candy Is an Effective Cavity Fighter

Candies and toffees have always been regarded as the enemies of sparkling and healthy teeth. However, sugar-free candy sweetened with xylitol would be actively fighting cavities and effectively prevent tooth decay.

Wine Fights Cavity-causing Bacteria

Red wine has always been regarded as bad for your teeth as it leaves behind ugly stains. Research reveals that both the white and the red wine could actively restrict and fight against cavities and tooth decay.

Raisins Could Be As Good As the Regular Wine

Raisins used to be regarded as one of the causes of tooth decay and cavities but now scientists have proved beyond doubt that raisins contain some chemicals like flavonoids and polyphenols which are known to actively combat oral bacteria which cause cavities. You must try and compare the cavity-causing characteristics of sugar with the cavity-fighting features of the phenolics and see which constituent outweighs the other. Many dentists do not, however, recommend eating raisins for prevention of cavities or caries.

Use a Straw to Keep Cavities Away

Cavities are triggered by drinking excessively carbonated drinks. If you wish to avoid cavities refrain from drinking the acidic and sugary sodas. However, some reliable studies reveal that you could effectively minimize the adverse effects and damage to your healthy teeth simply by sipping the drink through a straw. Try to control the straw so that it does not come into direct contact with your teeth. Drinking carbonated soft drinks should be minimized to the extent possible to prevent painful and undesirable cavities.

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