Old wives tales on how to fix a toothache…..or visit The Dental Place for a modern fix!

While the only proven way to fix a toothache, or other teeth problems, is to visit your dentist in Epping, there are many people who have sworn by home remedies and old wives’ tales to avoid the chair.

Why do people use home remedies?

  1. Because they believe in them
  2. Because they are scared of going to the dentist
  3. Because they are time poor

Let’s look at number 3 first – being time poor.  Everyone seems to be so much busier these days. This may be due to technology, which has given us so much more choice and availability. It may be because we expect higher achievements from ourselves. Or it may just be because we aren’t prioritising things that could save us time later.

For example – you come home from work with a horrible toothache. It’s happened before, but you ignored it. This time it is worse, but you have a project due at work and don’t want to take the time off to see the dentist.  So you put a clove on it after taking some pain killers. A clove should do the job. The pain seems to numb down, so you go to bed and head off to work the next day. Three days later the pain comes back and it’s horrendous. Someone at work says to put a cold peppermint tea bag on it. It worked for her, so you give it a try.  Seems ok, so you go on with your day.

This continues for a couple of weeks.  Finally, your boss is sick of seeing you in pain and insists you go to the dentist.  They force you to.  So you go to your dentist in Epping.  Turns out you have an enormous cavity, which has become infected, and is eating away at the bone beneath your tooth.  This won’t be a simple fix…. Maybe you should have come at the first sign of pain, had the small cavity fixed, and had no infections or problems that are now going to lead to you having multiple appointments, and a lot more time off work.

Now let’s look at number 1: believing in home remedies. This isn’t a problem in itself, but can become one if you ignore signs of a bigger problem. The example above covered one of the potential issues, but did you know that sometimes a toothache can be linked to heart problems? If you have the shakes or sweats, or a few other symptoms, you really need to see your dentist immediately, particularly if you have a history with that dentist.  A home remedy for sweating a lot, or having the shakes, may work well in an individual case, but when you combine these symptoms with others there is a high risk that your health is going to be affected.

Now let’s look at number 2:being scared to go to the dentist. This can be a common problem, especially if you have had a bad experience as an adult or as a child. I have found that the best remedy for this is to be open with your dentist. Talk to them about your fears. Your dentist in Epping always wants to know about any concerns, so he can address them, and make sure you are always feeling comfortable. See a dentist your friend recommends, or one who specialises in gentle dentistry.

Believe me, I did it.  I had a bad experience as a 12yo, but now I enjoy a dentist visit. It took me a long time, and a lot of avoiding, but now I go regularly. It really is worth it to stop the bigger problems happening down the track!

So what we have talked about is – home remedies are ok for some relief in the short term, but make sure you go to the dentist, aseven if you used something and you felt it worked and gives that relief we would urge you to go see the dentist and make sure there still isn’t a problem. Remember just because you can’t “feel” a problem it doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

Your dentist in Epping is open to talking about all your concerns, and is eager to help you stop any problem from becoming a big one.

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