Natural-looking teeth are a physical retention of youth.

According to this study – your teeth have a lot to do with your successes in life.


You may go far in an interview by having a fantastic resume and history in the industry, but not smiling may cost you the job.  Ensure you are confident with smiling. If you are not, think about the reasons behind that lack of confidence. Your dentist in Bundoora can help you gain confidence in your smile.

Employers are looking for candidates who will fit their team and culture, and a positive smile can go a long way in showing your potential fit. What is your smile saying about you?

Is your smile saying you are:

  • Confident?
  • Stable?
  • Positive?
  • Enthusiastic?
  • Easy to talk to and work with?
  • Open and communicative?

If yes, you just might be the one chosen for the job! If not, what are you going to do to fix it?

Why aren’t you smiling?

Is the reason you don’t smile because of your teeth?

Are your teeth crooked, stained, missing, or damaged?

Are you open to creating your desired smile?

Getting that desired smile is easier than you think. Dentistry has so many treatment options these days that there will be a treatment that fits your situation. Talk to your dentist in Northcote to find out what you need to get your perfect smile, and soon you will be smiling at everyone!

Keeping your own teeth is much more common too. Your dentist in Northcote will talk to you about this. Teeth can be encouraged to move into straight lines, no matter your age. Whitening treatments can now be done in one sitting and yellowing can be improved by up to 8 shades. Such small steps can really improve your confidence, and sometimes make you feel younger.

Romance and Friendships

The study also talked about romance and your smile. An open, confident smile can be one of the things many people are initially attracted to. If you are hiding in the corner at the bar, there’s not much luck of meeting new people.  And new people don’t have to be potential partners, they can be friends too!  A smile is welcoming, and people will be more at ease to come and speak with you.  Have a laugh, smile at someone, and feel good about yourself.

People are keeping their teeth longer than ever in history because of the availability of dental care services and products.

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