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All about X-rays: What are they and do I really need them?

Dentist In South Morang

“Do I really need dental X-rays?”

 Yes! Sometimes there are greater issues lurking underneath your teeth and gums that only an X-ray can pick up. Dental X-rays at your dentist in South Morang help examine areas which aren’t readily seen on visual inspection.

“What does a dental X-ray look for?”

X-rays are necessary to detect diseases of the teeth and surrounding areas to treat any problems, potentially saving you future dental visits, pain and expense.

Dental X-rays are often taken to assess or discover:

– decay between teeth and under any restorations

– health of surrounding supporting structures of teeth, especially bone loss which accompanies gum disease

– any infection of the mouth

– integrity of the tissues for treatment needs such as implants, root canal therapy, crowns or any other

– any cysts or abscesses

– any abnormalities of development (such as a teeth not coming through, or growing in the wrong direction)

“How often do I need a dental X-ray?”

The frequency of dental X-rays depends on your dental and medical history, and your current condition. People with serious dental conditions may need X-rays routinely every 6 months at dentist South Morang, while others with good dental health may only need them every 2 years. X-rays are also taken during a course of treatment.

It is important that all new patients of your dentist in South Morang, servicing all the north, have X-rays taken to gain a thorough understanding of their dental health and provide a baseline from where to assess future changes that occur over time.

“Is it safe to have an X-ray during pregnancy?”

Yes, it is! There are minimal concerns for your baby, as it would take over tens of thousands of X-rays to cause any problems. Most studies about radiation effecting unborn babies is talking about high exposures, such as nuclear fall-out (like at Hiroshima) or similar, and always check with your dentist if you have any concerns. Let them know if you have any suspicion you are pregnant. Your dentist in South Morang will always be looking out for your baby’s health, as well as your own.

“What type of X-rays are best?”

At The Dental Place, your dentist in South Morang, servicing all the north, we use digital X-rays. There are many benefits to this method.  The time taken to x-ray and see your images is a lot quicker (almost instantaneous), and your comfort is greater as the apparatus is not in your mouth for long periods of time.

Digital X-rays have a much lower radiation level than traditional X-rays, so they are much safer for all patients. These also allow for the dentists to really zoom in on the X-rays and find problems much earlier, allowing for many problems to be avoided down the track.

“Can children have X-rays?”

Yes, your children can have X-rays if required. The modern digital X-rays are so quick it is much easier for your children to have them, allowing us to find problems early on, saving their smile for their lifetime.

For more information, or to make an appointment for an X-ray (especially if you have never had one), call The Dental Place – 9460 7070.

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