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Tips for wisdom tooth removal at your dentist in Northcote

Wisdom teeth and you

A lot of us need to have our wisdom teeth removed, but do you know what to do when that day arrives?  Here are some things to consider when it does.

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Have a friend or family member come along

While having wisdom teeth removed is a common procedure, it is nonetheless a major procedure that requires the use of anaesthetic (be it local or general). Whichever one you receive, you will be best to have someone there to drive you home afterwards. Your dentist in Northcote strongly recommends that you do not drive after this appointment.

Everyone reacts differently to anaesthetic. Some people are quite light headed for a few hours, whereas others may feel nauseous and the urge to vomit. Others have no apparent symptoms, but it is best to be careful.

Heads up!

Everyone hears about people getting swollen chipmunk cheeks after wisdom teeth removal, but this doesn’t have to be the case! Fluid retention after surgery is very common, but by keeping your head raised, even on a pillow or 3, will keep the fluid away from your face. This should reach a peak after 24hrs, and then subside. Your dentist in Northcote also recommends using cold packs on your cheeks to help relieve any inflammation.

Rest now!

Sometimes after this procedure you may require some strong painkillers, and you will have already had some anaesthetic in the practice.Strong pain killers may cause side effects in some people (for example light headedness) so it is recommended to have plenty of rest and keep activities to a minimum). Take this opportunity to rest, and remember – sleep helps the healing process!

Eat gently

Your jaw will be sore for a while afterwards, so soft foods will be the best option for you. Soups, pureed food (such as mashed vegetables), soft beans, yoghurt are some great items to stock up on. And just in case you are feeling super sensitive, don’t eat anything too hot or cold.

Hide the toothbrush for 24 hours

Your dentist in Northcote will give you some gauze to take home, as you may have some bleeding and need something to soak it up in. You will be really tempted to brush or rinse your teeth,however doing so may damage the healing process.  If you really need to do something, you can use a damp facewasher to wipe your tongue and the inside of your mouth. Be extra careful not to wipe the area where you had surgery as you don’t want to dislodge any stitches or packing the dentist has done to help the healing process. Dislodging anything placed there may lead to dry sockets, which can be very painful and require a follow up visit to your dentist in Northcote.

If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to call our friendly team at The Dental Place, on 9460 7070.


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