Same-day crown and bridge*!

CEREC Advanced Technology

CEREC uses state-of-the-art technology that gives faster, precise, accurate and a more comfortable experience.


More Accurate

Digital impressions uses cutting-edge technology that allows us to create a virtual, computer-generated replica of your teeth. 

Traditional methods of taking impressions, uses materials that can be prone to inaccuracies. However, with CEREC advanced technology, a digital scan enables our dentists to obtain a precise and accurate virtual model. This brings a more powerful collaboration between technology and professional expertise!



Save Time

Traditional methods meant you’d have to wait 2-3 weeks for an external laboratory to manufacture and fabricate your crown. You’d then need to come back for another appointment.

In most cases digital impressions eliminate the need for a return visit. Why? Well, once we take a digital scan, the data is then sent from our scanner straight to our in-house milling unit. We manufacture the crown or bridge on site – all in 1/2 hour!   You can go and run some errands, have a coffee, chat with our team and come back, on the same day, for the insertion.




A Better Patient Experience

If you have ever experienced a traditional impression, you’ll know it can be quite uncomfortable at times! (Messy impression material on your face is something that can rarely be avoided!)
A digital impression is not intrusive. It is merely a small camera that takes 3D images of your teeth.

Other reasons


*Note: There are risks associated with any dental procedure. Furthermore, CEREC is not always suitable in some cases. Any treatment options offered are provided after a careful assessment of what is in your best interests,  including the risks and benefits of treatment.

More comfortable & a less anxious experience

No need for distasteful impression materials that cause some patients to gag

Does NOT cost more

What's more, CEREC does NOT cost any more than traditional crown and bridge!

More eco-friendly

We are able to reduce the need for disposable plastic trays, and impression materials, which would usually end up in landfill.

You're involved

Patients appreciate that they can see their impression on-screen and are engaged in the process

What are the steps involved in CEREC treatments?

First of all, the dentist prepares the tooth or teeth to be restored.​

A small, precision wand-like intraoral scanner will take images and intricate measurements of your tooth and bite.

Using these images, the CEREC computer utilizes advanced CAD-CAM technology to generate a virtual 3D model of your bite, gums and teeth that you can see on the screen.

The model is passed to a milling machine where it is milled out of a colour-matched ceramic block in just 9 to 15 minutes. Your crowns and/or inlays are made with great accuracy and you’re even welcome to watch it being made.

Lastly, we add the finishing touches to the restoration by further colouring, polishing, and glazing. Once crafted, we fit your new tooth restoration immediately, often about 30-45 minutes later.

Want to find out if CEREC is suitable for you?

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