Braces – The FAQs – Part 2

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Welcome to part 2 of The Dental Place’s 3 part series on braces FAQs.  Don’t forget, if you want to talk more in depth with us, you can come into our Reservoir practice, or call The Dental Place on 9460 7070.Dentist Reservoir braces

How often do I have to go and see my dentist?

Once braces are fitted, you will have regular visits to The Dental Place in Reservoir – for review, tightening etc. It is very important to keep up your dentist visits. Plaque can get caught up around the braces, so you must keep an eye on your teeth in general.  Ensure you are cleaning well, as instructed by your Dentist.


Will my teeth change colour or get marked?

This can happen, especially if there is a plaque build-up or you don’t keep up with your cleaning, but maintaining your cleaning process will help, as will your regular visits to the dentist. And post braces, getting a teeth whitening will help everything even out.


Can I play the saxophone?

Only if you could before you got braces!


Will the inside of my lips hurt or get ulcers?

The Dental Place will give you orthodontic wax to rub over your braces, which should help prevent this. If you do find yourself getting ulcers, be sure to rinse with warm salt water regularly.  This should pass as your mouth gets used to the intrusion! You may even find after a while you don’t need the wax any more.


Can I kiss someone? What if they have braces too?

Yes, you certainly can. Well, only if it is ok with them! Probably not the best time to start kissing strangers on the street, or take a job in a kissing booth, but kissing is allowed!


Keep an eye out for part 3! And if you haven’t seen part 1 yet, you can find it here.

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