Braces – The FAQs – Part 1

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Braces FAQs

Everything you wanted to know about braces

There’s so many questions you might have about braces, and what it is like to wear them.  Here The Dental Place is answering some of your questions in the first part of their 3 part series.

The Dental Place, Reservoir, is always happy to answer your questions about braces, and you can call us or come in to our practice in Reservoir to ask!

If you have more questions that we may have missed, please let The Dental Place know, and we’ll add them in.


How long will I have to wear braces?

This is something that is different for each patient, depending on the amount of alignment required. Usually around 18-24 months.


How do I know if I need braces?

If you have any concerns about the alignment of your teeth, make an appointment for a consultation with The Dental Place’s experienced Dentists with special interests in Orthodontics, and visit them in our Reservoir practice. They will be able to discuss your concerns and help you decide if braces are the right choice for you.


Will they hurt?

At times. Yes when you first have them put on, as they will be something new for your mouth.  And yes, when you get them tightened, but not for long.


What can’t I eat?

You can eat most of the healthy things you eat now.  The only issue is that your mouth will be sore after you first get braces, so for the first week or so you may want to eat soft foods. After that it should be fine.

You shouldn’t eat sticky or crunchy foods, as they may cause the braces to come off. Avoid caramels and chewing gum, and when eating hard bread rolls, carrots and apples etc, cut them into small pieces first.

Avoid Minties and toffees. Popcorn isn’t good, as the seeds can get stuck. And if you love corn on the cob, it’s best to cut the corn off first.


Thanks for having a look at part 1 of The Dental Place’s 3 part series on braces FAQs.  Remember, if you have more you want to discuss with us, please visit us in Reservoir, or call The Dental Place on 9460 7070.


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