Brace – The FAQs – Part 3

Dentist Reservoir braces

Welcome to part 3 of The Dental Place’s FAQs about braces.  Remember, if we have missed anything over the course of our series, please let us know.  Come into the practice in Reservoir, or call The Dental Place on 9460 7070.  Don’t forget to check parts 1 & 2, if you haven’t already!


Will my voice change?

No, braces shouldn’t alter how you talk or the sound of your voice. Occasionally, we may need to use an appliance that could get in the way of your tongue and this may have you experience trouble talking clearly for a day or two. But then your tongue will readjust and you will be talking as you always did.


Will my tongue get stuck in the wires?

Only if you put it there.


Can I still play sport?

Yes! You can definitely still play sport. If it is a contact sport, like football or basketball, or has hard balls like cricket, ensure you wear a fitted mouthguard (which your dentist can have specially fitted to your mouth).  Probably not the best time to take up boxing or cage fighting though.


What will it cost me?

Costs will vary patient to patient. It’s hard to put an estimate on it. If you have private health insurance, they will probably cover some of the cost.  Talk to your dentist, as once you have a treatment plan set up, then you can discuss costs and payment options.  It will be a small cost for your million dollar smile!


When should my child first have a consultation?

Usually around the age of 7. This may seem early, but this will give the specialist the time to prevent your child ever needing braces.  The Dentist will come up with a treatment plan you will be able to follow if there are going to be any problems.


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