Dental Treatments & Services

The Dental Place offers a full range of dental treatments. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is a priority. Open 5 days a week, between 9am and 5pm.

Teeth Whitening

Show off your white, bright smile! Everybody loves a bright white smile, and there are many products and procedures available to help you improve the look of your smile. Ageing, smoking, red wine, tea, coffee and medication are just some of the reasons why teeth become discoloured and stained.

Replace Missing Teeth

Implants and bridges are excellent options to replace missing teeth. Gaps in your smile can cause surrounding teeth to become loose and shift – changing the structure of your face, teeth and bite. Dental implants are an excellent option to replace missing teeth. They look natural and integrate well, and are usually more comfortable and durable.


Save Your Tooth

Root Canal Treatment: You might be experiencing tooth aches, throbbing pains, tenderness when biting, sensitivity to hot and cold foods, or you may have had a large hole that required an extensive filling. These can all be indicators that you may need a root canal to save your tooth.

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Smile Design & Cosmetic Dentistry

Wear the smile you have always wanted! You no longer need to hide your smile. Cosmetic Dentistry and Smile Design could be your answer for creating a beautiful smile. Teeth Whitening, Dental Implants, Dental Veneers, Dental Crowns, Bridges and/or Orthodontics and Braces are all options that can dramatically improve how you feel about your smile.

Straightening Teeth

Orthodontics: When teeth are misaligned and crooked it can significantly impact on the appearance of your smile, the way you bite, and increase the likelihood of teeth chipping or fracturing. “Invisible” and braces are two orthodontic treatments we offer to improve your appearance, self-confidence, and dental health.

Improving Your Sleep

Do you or your partner snore or grind teeth? Diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea? Contact us to see how we might be able to help you!

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