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Dental Implants are an excellent option to replace a missing tooth. A bridge is like an artificial tooth anchored to adjacent teeth.

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Teeth shift and wrinkles increasing around your mouth because of missing teeth?

Experiencing social discomfort and inability to eat your favourite foods?

How to Replace Missing Tooth: Implants, Bridges or Dentures?

1. Implants

Gaps in your smile can cause surrounding teeth to become loose and shift – changing the structure of your face and teeth. Gums and cheeks can sink, affecting the appearance of your face and smile And, a well-placed implant can prevent remaining teeth from “tipping” into the gap and becoming crooked. Implants can maintain the alignment of your teeth and can assist in their form and function. Made out of medical grade titanium, a dental implant is carefully inserted into your jaw bone. After allowing the implant to integrate with your jaw, a prosthetic tooth is then attached to the implant.

2. Bridges

Losing a tooth can cause other teeth to reposition and shift. Unlike an implant, a dental bridge is not directly inserted into the jaw, but is an artificial tooth that is anchored to adjacent teeth via a bridge.

3. Dentures verses Implants and Bridges

A denture is a removable appliance with artificial acrylic teeth attached to the appliance. Unlike a bridge or an implant, a denture is not a “fixed” option.

Patients sometimes report that a denture does not feel like their natural teeth, tends to slip and move and they find that food (like corn and apple) get stuck in between the denture and their gums. Of course, in some instances a denture is the best or only option.

Implants can be placed into the jaw and used to aid denture use. Denture wearers, who have had implants placed, report how happy they are with the improved denture stability when having an implant to stabilise their denture.