How to get your Ultimate Smile

Have you always wanted your dream smile but were concerned about the time it was going to take going back and forth to your dentist? Do you need a tooth replaced or restored quickly so that you can smile with ease?
Now you can with CEREC!

Save Time!

You save time without having to wait weeks. CEREC technology makes it possible to produce and integrate ceramic restorations in a single appointment.

More Compatible

It’s more compatible with your mouth. Ceramic is more bio-compatible than amalgam or gold, and is more tooth-like in appearance and feel.

More Comfortable

It’s more comfortable. The whole process is much more comfortable and less intrusive for you than traditional impressions.

Long Lasting

It’s long lasting. CEREC is strong and last just as long, if not longer, than traditional tooth coloured fillings and other laboratory-made restorations.

Same-Day crown and porcelain fillings


CEramic REConstruction is state-of-the-art technology that gives you fast, precise, accurate and comfortable crowns and porcelain restorations.
Traditional crowns, bridges, porcelain fillings or veneers require many hours in a dental chair as the dentist takes imprints of your teeth, using pastes and trays. Then, you come back to get them fitted. The process is lengthy and not exactly comfortable.
Not so with CEREC!
Cerec Advanced-Technology - The Dental Place

Exactly what happens when you have CEREC treatments?

1. Our dentist uses small scanner to take images

First, you will be settled in the comfortable dental chair. A small, precision wand-like intraoral scanner will take images and intricate measurements of your tooth and bite.

Small Scanner - The Dental Place
Virtual Model on CEREC - The Dental Place

2. Virtual Model on CEREC

Now, using these images, the CEREC computer utilizes advanced CAD technology to generate a virtual 3D model of your bite, gums and teeth that you can see on the screen.

3. Milling of your tooth

The model is passed to a milling machine where it is milled out of a colour-matched ceramic block in just 9 to 15 minutes. Your crowns and/or inlays are made with great accuracy and you’re even welcome to watch it being made.

Milling of your tooth - The Dental Place
Fitting of Your Tooth - The Dental Place

4. Fitting of your tooth

Lastly, we add the finishing touches to the restoration by further colouring, polishing, and glazing. Once crafted, we fit your new tooth restoration immediately, often about 30-45 minutes later.

No more mess! No more gagging!

No more messy impression material! No more gagging! No more temporary crowns. No more 2nd visit after three weeks. No more 2nd anaesthetic! All of this care done at the one appointment*! What’s more, CEREC does NOT cost any more than traditional procedures! Not every dentist has CEREC technology and it is still quite rare in Melbourne.

*Note: Not all tooth restorations will be suitable for using CEREC, depending on bite, gum, and teeth. Your dentist will be able to let you know what is your best treatment.
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